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The Center for Efficacy in Higher Education promotes the achievement of the highest levels of efficacy in institutions by discovering, analyzing, and disseminating highly sustainable practices and strategies.

Major Initiatives for the Center are:

Thought Leadership
Think Tank, a series of virtual and in-person events featuring invited participants, will analyze current effectiveness practices and discover more meaningful practices.

Online Community allows individuals to interact on a daily basis with colleagues and experts on important topics that help them turn less effective practices into innovative ways of measuring the effectiveness of programs.

Research and Publications
Dialogue, our quarterly on-line journal, presents articles on topics related to efficacy. Articles will be research-based as well as practitioners’ notes from the field.

White papers are released occasionally and will discuss issues around higher education effectiveness practices. Each paper will delve into a critical issue and provide thinking from experts related to new ways of thinking about the issue.

Webinars about topics related to institutional effectiveness provide up-to-date, research-based solutions for issues that present challenges to the work of improving higher education.

Conferences, such as the annual Connections Conference, provide the opportunity to get hands-on solutions for effectiveness issues that have historically presented a challenge to institutions.

Intensive training opportunities provide a strong foundation for individuals who are newly engaged in effectiveness practices. The annual Center for Efficacy Leadership Training Institute provides individuals with effectiveness responsibilities with the tools needed to be successful in their work.

For more information, contact Dr. Ray Van Dyke, Executive Director, at or call 804-302-5854.


Weave has been advising leading institutions for more than a decade. We have a proven track-record and have contributed a great deal to both the public and private discourse surrounding the future of outcomes-based assessment, institutional effectiveness, and their respective impact on higher education.

Weave is a people driven company. Beginning with our very first staff members, we have continued a commitment to thought leadership and specific subject matter expertise. We help our clients improve performance, reduce friction, and build consensus campus wide through unique one-on-one engagements.

PerformanceCloud by Weave helps our clients execute effective continuous improvement initiatives. Our applications provide a wide array of solutions to manage accreditation, assessment, credentials, mapping, planning, and program review processes.

This advanced, cloud-based platform provides intelligent work flow, well-organized templates for efficient and accurate reporting, and a dynamic collaborative workspace to help manage multiple projects and disparate teams across campus.

For more information on PerformanceCloud,  contact Melissa Rainey at or call 877-932-8340.